Hello everyone! I just wanted to inform you that the server has been re-released, and we are currently looking for staff members! Please view the staff application in the forums page. Happy Grinding!
Hello! For now, server updates, such as this update (1.0.1) will be posted here for all to see!

This update fixed the following issues with FeatherPrison, to help make the server more enjoyable!

Mine Resets

All mines in FeatherPrison now reset at a certain percentage and give you notifications 10 seconds prior to resets. They also teleport you back out of the mine when it resets. Also, because of our recent release, the A mine resets faster than all other mines to ensure that everyone can mine and play the game effectively!

Here is a screenshot for those who want to see:

Have fun playing!
- Matt
We will be releasing the server on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH @ 4PM MST OR 6 PM EST

I'm excited to see you all there!!
Hey there! This week, were hoping to get through ALL of our bugs, and release on Friday, February 9th. Please note, that we will be giving more frequent updates via our discord, which you can find in the announcement after this. Also, if we do release on Friday, there will be a 50% off flash sale! Woo!
Hello! Welcome to FeatherPrison, a OP Server! Looking for a great time with everyone? Well so are we! Come join us!

IP: play.featherprison.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/bnTNsqm